Fireside #11

You can call me


I have the energy to answer

the question to


current energy crisis.

My engine runs on the dark side

of the moon.

The place that no one on earth

has ever been.

In the shadows

everything is smooth.

No craters, crevices or cracks

to slow me down.

You won’t call me


I have to keep pushing ahead

for there are always

new answers to


past problems.

Keep orbiting debris

to stave off


Can you complete a puzzle

that is missing some

of the pieces?

Give me a surge

of your power

to last me

as I traverse

this lonely lunar landscape.

Fireside #9

The cold front has passed


There has been no need

to build a fire.

But, know that if you wanted

a fire

I would have gathered

the wood.

This mysterious game

we play,

each to our own advantages

and demise.

Older and wiser

I look

and think awhile before

I begin

to even think about brushing up

against her.